FAME International Training Sdn Bhd (461059-U) was established since 1998 in Kuching in the state of Sarawak, Malaysia. FAME provides qualified, innovative and diversity training opportunity for individual who wish to develop themselves and a platform for nurturing, developing and expanding business locally and internationally. 

FAME focuses on professional and entrepreneurial development that ensures one is successful not only in their studies and careers but also in their daily lives. This focused approach resulted in one graduating with distinctions at all levels.

In line with the entrepreneurial development focus, FAME has been instrumental in co-organizing the ASEAN-CHINA Entrepreneurs’ (ACE) Conference. This major event provides the platform for the region’s entrepreneurs to explore and gain inroads into various businesses and trade opportunities within the ASEAN countries and China.

In 2017, FAME had signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Alibaba.com, the Business to Business (B2B) arm of Alibaba Group, to jointly offer e-commerce training designed to equip SMEs and individuals with skill sets required by today’s digital economy, which is in line with the state   government’s goal to transform Sarawak into a digitalized economy. This is a golden opportunity for our Sarawakian business owner and entrepreneur to go online and take part in the international market place. 

We believe learning is a journey, therefore, we have various training programmes which are designed for various needs, ranging from students to experience working adults. 

Our Vision

A WORLD-CLASS educational and training provider that TRANSFORMS individuals by NURTURING, CULTIVATING and INSTILLING wisdom and high-awareness.

Our Core Value

To provide our services based on honesty, integrity, respect, trust, ethics and professionalism

Our Mission

  • To provide excellent teaching, professionals, training and entrepreneurial development
  • To create opportunities for scholars and graduates to build world class businesses
  • To provide educational and training opportunity for individual who wish to develop themselves

Our Partners